What will you get in the lesson?

Diperbarui: 16 Apr 2019

You´re going to get a deeper understanding of music

It has always been my passion to teach and I love to connect with people. And Internet could be used for a positive way, reaching more people and sharing my knowledge. That´s why, I created this website. It is a possibility for you to have fun playing guitar, without stress going into the traffic or juggling between your schedule. You can choose any date and time that you prefer.It´s the most easy and flexible way to learn through the internet.

I offer you not only to improve your guitar playing, but to share with you an experience of music. I want to share a deeper understanding of a piece of music. It´s not only just playing right notes on guitar but to share story to others.

So I hope this could be a bridge to make learning easier. I cannot wait to meet you and sharing music together with you!

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