Practice makes perfect? Does it?

We all know this phrase, "practice makes perfect". According to dictionary, perfect means, being entirely without defects. But in the world of art, what is defect? What is good or what is bad? Does the word good or bad also comprehend its true meaning?

So what is it then, that we call perfect? If we talk about music, perfection is often just an illusion of a person´s mind to fulfill the expectation of others. Our perfection is sometimes being judged of a flawless performance. The player seeks to play all the notes perfectly well. But is it, what perfect means? Do we even have a grasp of this word?

This idea of perfection drives some of us, including me, to go into judgmental world. The player is too busy to get all the notes right, too busy catching tempo and virtuosity, in hope of being "perfect".

Why does this phrase even exist? Are we supposed to be a perfect human being? To what extend? Whom to satisfy?

Being trapped for a long time in this "perfect" idea, I made a lot of thinking and found no answers for all those questions. Being a musician, I suppose to practice to be more capable of playing my instrument. This supports my interpretation, that I will share to the listener.

I found it misleading, that in many generations, this phrase has been passed from teachers to students. If only they teach how to practice, what is the end goal of this practice or what is the essence of playing instrument. I believe, this would create a different musician. A musician that loves music and have a passion of music. It´s not the musician, that searches for perfection and sometimes harm themselves, because of the "perfection" that they seek.

Being able to share our music with others is a gift. Isn´t it so wonderful, to share with other human being? To contribute in their experience? When a musician understand this, they will not practice to be "perfect", but to share the story, the message, their passion, their love of music.

This is what I call perfect.

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